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  • What is it?

    AZAPP arose from the idea of offering the market a fast, economical and evolutionary formula to build an APP. Because the APP market needed to provide a service with no prohibitive costs, no barriers, no long programming times and without the need of programmers whenever you wanted to make any changes.
    Because an APP has to be an intuitive communication tool between the company and the user. From the idea to its accomplishment, it took 15 months of hard work of a dedicated company which now has a unique solution to offer. It was in that spirit that AZAPP came to light - Your APP on time!

  • Key Benefits

    » Premium mobile app CX/UX
    » Competitive price range
    » Time to market, 2/4 weeks
    » Native languages

  • How It Works

    Among all the features which AZAPP can already offer, choose those you are most
    interested to have in your APP. Send us the sketch that you would like to see in your APP,
    otherwise we can provide this service. In just five days our team will have your AZAPP
    ready to view and test its features before submitting it to the Store
    (Apple Store and Google Play). After that approval, which can range from 5 to 10 days,
    your APP is operating so that everyone can download and view it.